Force Feedback

Customizable driving experience, optimal safety and precision

The Force-Feedback function in Arnold NextG's Drive-by-Wire system offers a range of advantages that significantly enhance the driving experience and safety. This innovative technology can be highly beneficial in various applications.

Benefits of the Force-Feedback function                                                                                            

Improved driving experience:

Force-Feedback provides the driver with an authentic and precise feel for the road conditions and vehicle behavior. The system can be customized to the driver's preferences, resulting in a more natural, safer, intuitive, and tailored driving experience.

Enhanced safety:

Immediate feedback on potential hazards or changes in driving conditions allows the driver to react quickly and accurately. This reduces the risk of accidents and improves overall driving safety.

Precise vehicle control:

The Force-Feedback function enables finer control of the vehicle, which is particularly beneficial in demanding driving situations, such as high-speed driving or on slippery roads.

Reduced driver fatigue:

Continuous feedback on driving behavior and adjustable reduction of steering forces help sharpen the driver's focus and reduce fatigue. This leads to a safer and more comfortable drive, especially on long journeys.

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Rolf Gramenske
Director Technical Sales