Arnold NextG and the "Vision Zero"

Enhanced road safety with Safety-by-Wire®

Arnold NextG is deeply committed to the international "Vision Zero" initiative, which aims to ensure that no one loses their life in traffic in the future. The development of autonomous driving functions serves to prevent traffic accidents. A key element of these efforts is our Safety-by-Wire technology with the multi-redundant central control unit NX NextMotion. The highly flexible modular system enables all drive-by-wire applications up to autonomous driving and is certified to the highest automotive and industrial standards.

Autonomous driving functions can save lives in the future

Despite the steadily increasing traffic volume, our roads are becoming safer. However, accidents unfortunately remain a common sight on the roads.

Over the past five decades, a variety of measures such as improved infrastructure and strict laws have continuously reduced the number of traffic fatalities in Germany. Yet, each year, people around the world still suffer injuries or lose their lives in road traffic.

A central role in this context is played by the development of autonomous driving functions. Arnold NextG is deeply committed to developing these technologies. When cars can steer, accelerate, and brake autonomously, human errors can be significantly reduced or even eliminated.

Safety-by-Wire® – Innovation leader for safe mobility of tomorrow

Arnold NextG aims to accelerate the "Vision Zero" initiative in the automotive industry with its commitment. With Safety-by-Wire®, the company offers a technical solution for autonomous driving. The core is NX NextMotion, a multi-redundant central control unit that implements all steer-by-wire, drive-by-wire, and brake-by-wire requirements with maximum safety. With NX NextMotion, Arnold NextG already possesses the technologies of tomorrow's mobility.

NX NextMotion
One step ahead

Our flexible modular system enables the implementation of any drive, steer or brake-by-wire requirements, right through to revolutionary system-on-chip (SoC) solutions.

Stefan Weller
Global Key Account Manager