Applications in Mobility for people with disabilities

New mobility with drive-by-wire technology NX NextMotion

As a platform- and vehicle-independent add-on system with road approval, NX NextMotion is perfect for coversion people with disabilities. Depending on the severity of the disability, the system can technically compensate for throttle, brake, and steering as well as secondary vehicle functions through ergonomic input devices (e.g., joystick), voice input devices, and touchscreens. The system can be retrofitted in any vehicle and individually parameterized and adjusted to meet the needs of the users.

NX NextMotion in mobility for people with disabilities

More safety, more performance: 

With the new NX NextMotion system, Arnold NextG offers an advanced solution for the mobility of tomorrow. The drive-by-wire technology ensures superior driving control and comfortable, intuitive operation. This revolutionary control system, based on a sophisticated safety concept, excels with perfectly coordinated hardware and software. The modular design allows for customized adaptation of the NX NextMotion system to the individual needs of customers.

Mobility without limits:

The system enables even those with severe physical limitations, including those without arms and legs, to participate safely and independently in road traffic. Benefit from a high-quality and reliable add-on solution for operating primary and secondary functions, meeting the highest standards.

Back to work:

Due to its flexibility, NX NextMotion is also becoming increasingly important in the workplace: machines, cars, and transport vehicles can be individually retrofitted, enabling workers to return to the job market after accidents or illnesses.

NX NextMotion
One step ahead

Our flexible modular system enables the implementation of any drive, steer or brake-by-wire requirements, right through to revolutionary system-on-chip (SoC) solutions.

Stefan Weller
Global Key Account Manager