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NX NextMotion.
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Arnold NextG drives the autonomous mobility of the future

Arnold NextG realizes the Safety by Wire®-Technology of tomorrow with pioneers of the drive-by-wire industry - whether on land, on water or in the air (steer-, drive- & fly-by-wire). We offer the globally unique and multi-redundant central control unit NX NextMotion, which complies with the latest regulations and enables fail-safe and individual implementation in all application areas. As an independent advance developer, incubator and system supplier, Arnold NextG takes care of planning and implementation - from vision to road approval.
Pioneering Mobility with NX NextMotion
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NX NextMotion

One step ahead

Our flexible modular system enables the implementation of any drive, steer or brake-by-wire requirements up to revolutionary system-on-chip (SoC) solutions. Thanks to the modular and scalable system architecture of NX NextMotion, we are already meeting the requirements of future mobility scenarios. By using the latest chip technology and maximum computing power, we are able to integrate additional software modules from our customers into the NX NextMotion ECU. Furthermore, it is possible to cover requirements from the aviation as well as the maritime sector.

NX NextMotion at a glance

  • Flexible add-on solution for all mobility requirements
  • Control of primary and secondary functions
  • Interfaces for the integration of all input devices
  • Worldwide unique, patented force feedback technology
  • Predictive vehicle dynamics estimator and road surface data available for autonomous driving systems (patent pending)
  • Optimized trajectory calculation for autonomous driving systems
  • Torque and angle-based longitudinal and lateral guidance (patent pending)
  • Redundant, in-house developed permanent-magnet synchronous motors (PMSM)
  • Comprehensive system monitoring at hardware and software level
  • Secure and TÜV-certified error management
  • System development according to ASPICE Level 2 and VDA 6 (accompanied by TÜV-SGS)
  • AUTOSAR compatibility
  • Control option for a wide range of actuators (electric motors, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, etc.)
  • 12V and 24V operating voltage
The revolutionary system architecture of NX NextMotion
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Safety by Wire. For all. Without compromise

Arnold NextG offers individual safety-by-wire solutions for all applications. Platform-independent, the flexible and scalable system can be integrated into any vehicle and mobility solution. NX NextMotion supports all levels of automated driving up to completely driverless mobility systems. With its total of 12 interfaces (CAN, CAN-FD, CAN-SIC & CAN-XL), NX NextMotion supports all current and future requirements - from platooning to teleoperated and semi-autonomous applications to autonomous mobility.
Car & Disability Mobility
Mobile homes
Public transport & movers
Commercial vehicles
Agricultural & Forestry Machinery

Safety concept

Uncompromisingly road-approved

From customized development carriers to flexible add-on solutions and series implementation: NX NextMotion is certified as digital by-wire technology according to the highest automotive and industry standards and has a general operating permit for road vehicles.


  • Fail-safe operational
  • System development (hardware and software) according to ISO 26262:2018 (ASIL-D)
  • Functional safety according to ISO 61508 (SIL-Level3)
  • ECE R10:2017, ECE R13:2016, ECE R79:2018, ECE R89:2007, ECE R116:2012, ECE R131:2014
  • ISO 25119-2:2019, ISO 19014-1:2018, EN 1175:2020.
  • Cybersecurity engineering according to ISO/SAE 21434 and SAE J 3061:2016
  • Compliance requirements General Safety Regulation (GSR2)
  • General operating permit possible for all types of vehicles and construction machinery
  • Homologation-capable system

Predictive Vehicle Dynamics Estimator

Arnold NextG's patented vehicle dynamics estimator uses advanced algorithms to reliably predict constantly changing driving conditions. We are thus laying the foundation for the next generation of active driving safety and assistance systems, which are essential to the goal of minimizing traffic fatalities by 2030. The technology also dramatically improves torque vectoring and enables safe driving even at the limits of driving dynamics, which was previously the preserve of racing drivers.

High-precision estimation

  • of the longitudinal and lateral speed of the vehicle
  • of slip on all tires
  • the roll and pitch angle of the vehicle
  • the road and tire friction value (grip)
  • safety-relevant tire parameters (skew stiffness, wear)

Driving dynamics use cases

  • Replacing the previous stability control system with steer-by-wire steering intervention
  • Implementation of virtual rear-axle steering

Use cases assistance systems

  • Validation of driving commands of the autonomous driver
  • Execution of driving commands adapted to the driving and environmental situation
  • Warning of worn tires
  • Rollover warning for off-road vehicles with precise pitch and roll angles

Arnold NextG

Pioneers by conviction

Whether on the road, in the water or in the air: you have the requirement, we have the universal safety-by-wire solution. As an independent advance developer, incubator and system supplier, Arnold NextG takes over the planning and implementation with a team of top scientists, experienced system developers and creative tinkerers - from the vision to certification. In addition, we realize the appropriate special vehicle construction including TÜV acceptance for our customers.

Central control unit
Actuator technology
Secondary functions
Input devices
Hardware & Software Development
Special vehicle construction

Why By Wire?

Safer, more flexible, less expensive

The elimination of mechanical connections in steering, braking or driving systems not only enables the complete redesign of the vehicle interior or the development of new functions and features - it also makes a significant contribution to reducing complexity and costs. The digitization of previously manual or hydraulic vehicle functions also guarantees maximum precision as well as unique control, representing a true revolution in the entire vehicle and mobility industry.

Your benefits:

  • Improved driving comfort thanks to variably adjustable steering ratio
  • Individually applicable/adjustable driving dynamics
  • New interior concepts due to the elimination of mechanical connections (steering, brakes, etc.)
  • Improved safety through real-time networking of safety-related systems
  • Standardization and simplification of vehicle and chassis platforms
  • Increased safety through elimination of the steering column
  • Elimination of human error through automated steering and braking intervention
  • Increased development speed and reduced effort
  • Stowable input devices
  • Central interface for automation of technical process flows
  • Prerequisite for autonomous driving
  • Savings in manpower and simultaneous increase in effectiveness (24/7)
Two Brothers, one Company
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Press releases

Barrier-Free Mobility

An electric wheelchair that overcomes barriers
Inclusion is what drives us! Individual mobility for people with severe physical disabilities is not just a question of finding the right vehicle - it is part of Arnold NextG's founding promise. Part of this holistic approach is the development of the world's first autonomous electric wheelchair, which raises individual mobility and independence to unprecedented levels. Depending on the handicap and individual needs, this wheelchair adapts to the needs of its users - from fail-safe joystick steering and an assisting robotic arm to chin and eye control. The remote function allows the wheelchair to be controlled remotely if necessary and also forms the basis for all automated and autonomous driving functions, including mind control. The core of the new development is the globally unique and multi-redundant NX NextMotion central control unit, which covers all requirements of individual mobility thanks to its scalable and powerful system architecture.


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