Discovering without a steering wheel

Arnold NextG's NX NextMotion technology opens up new possibilities and horizons for the construction of innovative recreational vehicles. It not only offers increased safety and comfort but also enables sustainable and future-oriented mobility. Every journey becomes a relaxed and exciting experience, free from the limitations of traditional steering systems.

The motorhome of the future

NX NextMotion technology revolutionizes the development and construction of motorhomes, enabling a completely new way of traveling. Here are the standout benefits at a glance:

Digitalized control of primary and secondary vehicle functions

The technology enables comprehensive digitalization, allowing all essential vehicle functions to be controlled electronically. This not only creates higher precision but also more flexibility in vehicle development.

Elimination of the mechanical steering column

By eliminating the mechanical steering column, entirely new design possibilities for the interior space are opened up. This freedom allows for innovative design concepts that provide more space and comfort for travelers.

Relaxed travel with joystick control

With intuitive joystick control, including force feedback function, driving becomes a pleasant experience. This technology ensures a smoother and more controlled driving feel, especially increasing comfort during long journeys.

Manufacturer and platform-independent add-on solution

The NX NextMotion technology can be implemented independently of the vehicle manufacturer and platform. This flexibility makes it an ideal solution for a wide variety of vehicle types and models.

Cost-effective solution for exclusive small series

Especially for manufacturers of exclusive small series, the technology offers a cost-effective way to integrate state-of-the-art control systems, setting them apart from the competition.

Integration of sensors, remote controls, and cameras

By integrating sensors, remote controls, and cameras into a single, integrated system, vehicle complexity is reduced. This leads to simplified maintenance and increased reliability.

Ready for autonomous driving (Level 4/5)

The technology is prepared for autonomous driving up to levels 4 and 5. This means that future motorhomes can drive completely autonomously—via autopilot—significantly enhancing safety, efficiency, and comfort on long trips. Automated parking situations are already possible today.

NX NextMotion
One step ahead

Our flexible modular system enables the implementation of any drive, steer or brake-by-wire requirements, right through to revolutionary system-on-chip (SoC) solutions.

Stefan Weller
Global Key Account Manager