Steer-by-Wire - ahead of its time

We digitalise the steering

After more than 135 years of automotive history, the classic mechanical connection between the steering wheel and the steering gear—the steering column—belongs to the past. With Arnold NextG's groundbreaking steer-by-wire technology, steering signals will be transmitted exclusively electronically, opening up entirely new dimensions in vehicle control.

The steering revolution

Arnold NextG GmbH is revolutionizing vehicle technology through the use of highly redundant steer-by-wire systems. The NX NextMotion technology offers multi-fail-safe and customizable implementation, setting new standards in vehicle control—platform-independent and as a convenient add-on solution. The redundancy of our systems enables faster and more efficient regulatory approvals, facilitating autonomous driving on public roads.

With over 20 years of outstanding expertise in road-approved steer-by-wire technology, we are market leaders. Our team combines leading experts in steer-by-wire technology with young, creative talents. This unique blend of experience and innovation allows us to develop groundbreaking solutions like NX NextMotion. Our highly innovative technology opens up entirely new dimensions in vehicle design, enables flexible interior concepts, and significantly improves driving dynamics control.

Advantages of steer-by-wire

Flexible vehicle architecture: The elimination of mechanical steering components allows for innovative design possibilities in the interior and engine compartments. This provides our customers with greater freedom in vehicle design and integration.

Enhanced safety features: With parametric steering capabilities, the steering response adapts optimally to driving conditions. The absence of a steering column minimizes injury risk in accidents, ameliorating safety for all occupants.

Promotion of autonomous driving: Steer-by-wire is a key component for autonomous driving. It enables functions such as automatic parking and lane-keeping assistance without the need for a physical steering column, bringing us closer to the future of mobility.

More comfortable driving experience: Without a direct mechanical connection to the road, vibrations and noise are drastically reduced, amplifying driving comfort. Our system also automatically compensates for road inclines and crosswinds.

Weight and efficiency benefits: Our advanced steer-by-wire systems minimize mechanical components, leading to an overall lighter vehicle. This not only saves energy but also significantly reduces tire and brake wear.

Customizable driving feel: The digitized steering with combined force feedback results in a driving feel that can be fully adjusted to individual preferences and needs. By transmitting friction values to the system, conclusions about road conditions can also be drawn—generating a "real" force feedback on an electronic basis.

Precise control: Adaptive steering via steer-by-wire continuously adjusts the steering ratio to speed and driving conditions. At low speeds, the steering is more comfortable, making parking and maneuvering in tight spaces easier. At high speeds, the steering becomes more direct, enhancing driving stability.

Improved energy efficiency: With steer-by-wire, we can reduce energy consumption by up to 15% and increase overall efficiency by 43.5%. This also contributes to reducing CO2 emissions, making our vehicles more environmentally friendly.

Mathias Koch
Vice President Business and Corporate Development