Applications for platooning

Safety and efficiency with NX NextMotion

Platooning enhances efficiency and productivity in agriculture, mining, construction, logistics, and public transportation. Networked vehicles operate synchronously, reducing energy consumption, minimizing errors, and increasing safety. In agriculture and mining, platooning optimizes the use of tractors and trucks. In logistics, truck convoys lower operating costs and CO₂ emissions. The construction and public transportation sectors benefit from more efficient use of machinery and bus fleets.

Productivity boost across various industries

Platooning can significantly enhance efficiency and productivity in agriculture. Networked tractors and combines operate in synchronized convoys, enabling uniform cultivation of large fields and reducing energy consumption. This also improves safety by minimizing human errors.

In mining, platooning offers efficiency and safety benefits. Trucks and other equipment move in convoys, streamlining material transport, reducing downtime, and minimizing accidents.

In construction, platooning allows for more efficient use of heavy machinery. Vehicles work in sync to complete tasks like earthmoving and material transport more quickly and cost-effectively, also enhancing safety.

In the logistics and transportation industry, truck convoys lower energy consumption through reduced air resistance and coordinated driving strategies, cutting operating costs and CO₂ emissions while improving road safety.

In public transportation, platooning optimizes bus fleet operations, improves traffic flow, and increases punctuality, especially in urban areas.

Specific applications, such as airfield cleaning, allow the combined use of multiple clearing vehicles with minimal personnel. This reduces maintenance and personnel costs and lowers energy consumption.

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