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Autonomous control of agricultural machinery with NX NextMotion

Technological innovations are crucial in agriculture and forestry. The use of smart machines that can be remotely controlled or teleoperated plays an important role in this. Arnold NextG offers NX NextMotion, a central control unit that precisely controls agricultural machinery. NX NextMotion integrates primary and secondary functions through various interfaces, enabling autonomous operation. This technology allows for the modernization of existing fleets, reducing downtime risks and increasing operational safety.

Autonomous control of agricultural machinery with NX NextMotion

In modern agriculture and forestry, cost management, yield maximization, addressing labor shortages, and technological innovation are of paramount importance. Technological innovation, in particular, plays a crucial role: the use of drones and satellite images for precise fieldwork control, as well as smart machines that can be operated not only via steering wheel or joystick but also remotely in line-of-sight or teleoperated from a desk, will be essential in the future.

Arnold NextG offers its smart, multi-redundant central control unit NX NextMotion, which can also be retrofitted, allowing agricultural machinery to be moved with the highest precision, either semi- or fully-autonomously. By fully integrating into the overall vehicle structure, NX NextMotion can control all primary functions (steering, throttle, and brake) as well as any desired secondary functions (gear selection, turn signals, horn, wipers) through various interfaces (touch display, voice control) or directly via the AD system.

NX NextMotion – Upgrade for highly specialized existing fleets

Any vehicle that does not need to be permanently operated by a human driver reduces downtime risks and increases operational safety. Therefore, it is not only about automating the next generation of agricultural machinery but also about updating highly specialized existing fleets. After integrating Arnold NextG's overall system, these fleets can safely benefit from the advantages of Safety-by-Wire® technology. 

It is clear that fail-safe Safety-by-Wire® systems have the potential to  revolutionise agriculture.

NX NextMotion
One step ahead

Our flexible modular system enables the implementation of any drive, steer or brake-by-wire requirements, right through to revolutionary system-on-chip (SoC) solutions.

Stefan Weller
Global Key Account Manager