Safety concept

Uncompromising road approval

Our safety concept meets all relevant safety standards for automobiles, mechanical engineering, and agricultural and construction machinery. We offer a fail-safe, multi-redundant architecture with no single point of failure, ensuring fully fail-operational performance. Patented safety concepts and qualitative evaluations guarantee the highest reliability. TÜV SGS certified, we meet the highest automotive safety level (ASIL D)—even twice over. Our architecture reduces the probability of failure to less than 1 in 1 billion operating hours and complies with the highest aviation standards. Continuous monitoring and evaluation ensure operation in accordance with ISO 26262.

We make no compromises on safety     

This comprehensive safety concept has been reviewed and approved by TÜV SGS, ensuring compliance with the highest standards for functional safety according to ISO 26262:2018 (ASIL-D), ISO 61508 (SIL-Level 3), and other relevant norms. Our architecture meets ASIL D in each control unit half, even in the unlikely event of a half failure, reducing the probability of failure to less than 1 per 1 billion operating hours, in line with aviation and automotive industry requirements.

Zusätzlich erfüllen wir die Anforderungen folgender Normen:

ECE R10:2017ECE R13:2016
ECE R79:2018ECE R89:2007
ECE R116:2012ECE R131:2014
ISO 25119-2:2019ISO 19014-1:2018
EN 1175:2020General Safety Regulation (GSR2)
VW 81000 Class 5VW 80000 Class 5
Cybersecurity Engineering  according to ISO/SAE 21434 and SAE J 3061:2016Our systems can obtain a general operating permit (ABE) for all types of vehicles and construction machinery and are homologation-capable
Mathias Koch
Vice President Business and Corporate Development