Teleoperated driving

Keep critical situations in check

Teleoperated driving offers clear advantages over autonomous driving in certain scenarios. In dynamic and complex environments such as construction sites, mines, and agricultural fields, it is often the better choice, as human operators can flexibly respond to unpredictable situations. In safety-critical missions, such as rescue operations or work in hazardous areas, teleoperated vehicles enable swift and precise decision-making by the operator.

Absolute precision combined with human experience

Complex environments

In dynamic and complex environments like construction sites, mines, and agricultural fields, teleoperated driving is often the better choice. Autonomous systems can struggle to adapt to unpredictable situations and changing conditions, whereas a human operator can respond flexibly and make real-time adjustments.

Safety-critical missions

In safety-critical scenarios, such as rescue missions or work in hazardous areas, teleoperated driving is also superior. The human operator can react to unexpected events and make decisions that autonomous systems might find challenging.

Cost and implementation

Implementing fully autonomous systems can be time-consuming and expensive. Teleoperated driving offers a cost-efficient solution, leveraging existing infrastructure and technology while providing the benefits of remote control. This is particularly advantageous for companies seeking a quick and flexible solution.

Legal and ethical considerations

In many countries, the legal frameworks for autonomous driving are not yet fully established. Teleoperated driving can bridge this gap by maintaining human control while advancing technology. This approach can also address ethical concerns related to decision-making in critical situations.

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Rolf Gramenske
Director Technical Sales