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Arnold NextG is an independent provider of innovative Safety-by-Wire® technologies for mobility on land, water, and in the air. As a pioneer of groundbreaking solutions like the multiredundant central control unit NX NextMotion and as an incubator for new, intelligent mobility technologies, we offer a wide range of services. Acting as a swift vessel for custom developments with high in-house manufacturing depth, we provide everything from preliminary development and application-specific software to the comprehensive implementation of complete Drive-by-Wire solutions in series production. Thanks to our advanced technology, autonomous driving is already becoming a reality today.

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 Arnold NextG: Safety-by-Wire technology for the mobility of tomorrow

Arnold NextG, in collaboration with pioneers of the Drive-by-Wire industry, is bringing the Safety-by-Wire® technology of tomorrow to life, offering tailored solutions for all applications. The flexible and scalable system can be integrated into any vehicle and mobility solution, regardless of platform. NX NextMotion supports current and future requirements – from platooning to teleoperated and semi-autonomous applications, all the way to fully autonomous mobility.

Kevin Arnold
CEO and founder of Arnold NextG
“We are not only laying the foundations for the safe mobility of the future - we are also defining the requirements for tomorrow's technology today!”

Our vision

Arnold NextG is passionately committed to creating safer, more efficient, and more sustainable mobility. With our Safety-by-Wire technology, we aim to drive technological advancements while enhancing road safety. Our goal is to significantly reduce the number of accidents, lower environmental impact, and improve mobility for people with and without disabilities through innovative solutions. In other words, we strive to make mobility more accessible, safer, and environmentally friendly, enriching people's lives. Together, we are shaping the future of mobility – responsibly, sustainably, and forward-thinking.

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