Secondary Functions

Controlling additional functions - Individually and precisely

Arnold NextG offers customized control options for all secondary functions through individually developed gateway modules. By reverse-engineering of the control unit communication (CAN-BUS & LIN-BUS), we enable our customers to digitally intervene in all relevant vehicle functions. These are particularly important for use in vehicles adapted for people with disabilities. Additionally, vehicle-specific status messages can be monitored. For manufacturers of environment sensors, these modules are essential for enabling fully autonomous driving. Our gateway modules provide a versatile and future-proof solution, supporting both individual customizations and advanced technologies.

Tailored implementation of individual requirements

Our analog and digital gateway modules and the accompanying software are specifically developed and implemented based on customer requirements. Arnold NextG offers flexible and precise control of vehicle functions, maximizing efficiency and user-friendliness across various applications.

Versatile connectivity for modern applications

Arnold NextG integrates the latest connectivity technologies such as Bluetooth, apps, smartwatches, and tablets to make vehicle function control seamless and user-friendly. Our gateway modules enable the control of a variety of modules, including hydraulic and pneumatic controls, as well as actuators of all types, whether linear, stepper motors, or others.

Customized solutions for every industry

Arnold NextG's gateway modules provide flexible and precise control solutions tailored to the specific needs of each industry. By integrating modern connectivity technologies, we ensure that every industry can benefit from customized solutions that maximize efficiency and user-friendliness.

Mathias Koch
Vice President Business and Corporate Development