Revolutionary driving dynamics forecast

Driving feel is individual and predictable

Arnold NextG's patented driving dynamics and terrain estimator uses cutting-edge algorithms to reliably predict the constantly changing driving conditions. A crucial factor is the precise determination of the friction coefficient, which significantly influences vehicle stability. This lays the foundation for the next generation of active safety and assistance systems, supporting our goal to minimize traffic fatalities by 2030. This technology dramatically improves torque vectoring and enables safe driving even in dynamic limit ranges previously reserved for race car drivers.

Patented driving dynamics estimation

  • Longitudinal and lateral speed of the vehicle
  • Longitudinal and lateral slip at all tires
  • Roll and pitch angle of the vehicle
  • Road and tire friction coefficient (grip)
  • Safety-relevant tire parameters (cornering stiffness, wear)

Driving dynamics applications

  • Replacing traditional stability control with steer-by-wire steering intervention
  • Implementing virtual rear-wheel steering

 Assistance systems applications

  • Validation of driving commands for autonomous driving
  • Execution of driving commands considering driving and environmental conditions
  • Warning of worn tires
  • Rollover warning for off-road vehicles with precise pitch and roll angles
Mathias Koch
Vice President Business and Corporate Development