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Logistics applications

Perfect solution for retrofit and new vehicles

NX NextMotion is suitable as an add-on system for both retrofitting and upgrading existing logistics fleets as well as integrating into new vehicles. It serves as the central, vehicle-platform-independent interface for semi-autonomous, fully autonomous, and remote applications. This comprehensive process automation maximizes efficiency and availability, addresses personnel shortages, and significantly improves safety and cost efficiency in logistics processes.

Arnold NextG and MAFI 

Autonomous driving for heavy-duty tractor units

Thanks to its innovative technology, Arnold NextG enables all MAFI vehicle platforms to be retrofitted with its multi-redundant drive-by-wire system. The system controls all vehicle functions via a secure digital interface, including longitudinal and lateral acceleration as well as ignition, gear selection and indicators. The AD-capable tractor units meet all safety standards in this area of application and can even be approved for road use.

The cooperation between MAFI Transport-Systeme GmbH and Arnold NextG aims to promote the retrofitting of existing vehicles in addition to new drive-by-wire vehicles ready for series production. MAFI will use the plug-and-play solution developed for this purpose for its T230 and T230e terminal tractor units. This enables MAFI to offer a terminal truck with an AD interface both directly from the production line as a variant option and as a retrofit solution for existing fleets. 

Kevin Arnold
CEO and founder of Arnold NextG
“Retrofitting is a key measure for our company to further promote the idea of sustainability.”

NX NextMotion: Enhancing efficiency in the logistics industry

Easy integration and scalability:

NX NextMotion can be seamlessly integrated into existing logistics fleets, allowing companies to retrofit their current vehicles without extensive new acquisitions. For new vehicles, NX NextMotion provides a perfect foundation to support modern logistics requirements from the outset. This flexibility reduces the need for high initial investments and enables the gradual adoption of advanced technologies.

Semi and fully autonomous applications:

NX NextMotion supports both semi-autonomous and fully autonomous applications. Vehicles can operate either in an assistive capacity (e.g., through driver assistance systems) or fully autonomously. This adaptability allows logistics companies to choose the level of automation based on their needs and technical feasibility, and to increase it gradually.

Remote/teleoperated applications:

NX NextMotion enables applications where vehicles can be controlled or monitored remotely. This is particularly useful in hazardous or hard-to-reach areas where the deployment of personnel would be risky or inefficient. Additionally, vehicles can switch between autonomous and remote modes if the AD system requires assistance.

Efficiency improvement and cost reduction:

Automating logistics processes with NX NextMotion can significantly increase efficiency. Precise control and monitoring of vehicles ensure that transports are carried out faster and with fewer errors. This leads to optimal resource utilization and reduced operating costs. Optimized driving strategies and vehicle control also reduce fuel consumption and maintenance efforts, contributing to cost savings. Comprehensive system monitoring provides insights into vehicle status and can initiate actions such as service requirements.

Safety enhancement:

NX NextMotion significantly improves safety in logistics processes. Advanced sensors and real-time data processing can detect potential hazards early and prevent accidents. This protects not only personnel but also the transported goods and infrastructure.

Optimized personnel deployment:

Automation with NX NextMotion allows for more efficient use of personnel, such as teleoperators. Employees can be relieved from routine or hazardous tasks and assigned to more complex activities that require human expertise. This improves working conditions and can increase employee satisfaction and retention.

Seamless process automation:

Comprehensive process automation with NX NextMotion ensures smooth and continuous operations. From loading zones to final delivery, logistical processes can be optimized and interconnected. This minimizes downtime and maximizes fleet availability, which is especially advantageous during peak demand times.

Overall, NX NextMotion offers the logistics industry a groundbreaking solution to address current and future challenges, such as the shortage of qualified drivers. The combination of high flexibility, efficiency improvement, cost reduction, and safety enhancement makes it an indispensable tool for modern logistics companies.

NX NextMotion
One step ahead

Our flexible modular system enables the implementation of any drive, steer or brake-by-wire requirements, right through to revolutionary system-on-chip (SoC) solutions.

Stefan Weller
Global Key Account Manager