Hardware & software development

Engineering at the highest Level

As an independent advanced developer, incubator, and system supplier, Arnold NextG handles planning and implementation with a team of top scientists, experienced system developers, and creative inventors—from vision to certification. We are capable of meeting customer requirements at any stage.

Innovation meets experience

Our development combines robust hardware with advanced software, led by a team of highly experienced engineers from the automotive, agricultural machinery, and mechanical engineering sectors. We focus on intelligent solutions that prove their worth in practice and consistently meet the stringent requirements of relevant industry standards such as ASPICE, IEC 61508, and ISO 26262.

Reliability and uptime

Thanks to our fail-safe, highly redundant architectures, we ensure outstanding reliability and uptime with maximum availability of our systems. Our team brings deep expertise and years of practical experience, which is reflected in the high quality and safety of our products.

Efficient processes and traceability

We adhere strictly to proven development processes, which not only increase the efficiency of our work but also ensure complete traceability. Our approach minimizes complexity and makes NX NextMotion extremely low-maintenance, ensuring the long-term success and satisfaction of our customers.

Future-proof solutions

With a clear focus on robust yet simple solutions, we ensure that our products reliably function even under the most demanding conditions. Our standards-compliant development strategy guarantees that we not only meet current requirements but are also well-prepared for future challenges. We are redefining the future standards of by-wire technology.

ECE R10:2017ECE R13:2016
ECE R79:2018ECE R89:2007
ECE R116:2012ECE R131:2014
ISO 25119-2:2019ISO 19014-1:2018
EN 1175:2020General Safety Regulation (GSR2)
Cybersecurity Engineering according to ISO/SAE 21434 and SAE J 3061:2016VW 80000 / VW 81000 Class 5
Mathias Koch
Vice President Business and Corporate Development