Drive-by-Wire Technology - state of the art

Fail-safe solutions for throttle, brake, and steering

Arnold NextG is setting new standards in drive-by-wire technology. Our multi-redundant system, NX NextMotion, offers a pioneering solution for small series, prototypes and test vehicles for semi-automated and autonomous driving due to its maximum safety and reliability. Our international engineering team has over 20 years of experience in the complex development and validation of road-approved and fail-safe drive-by-wire technology. This expertise allows us to implement customized and vehicle-platform-independent solutions as well as groundbreaking innovations worldwide. Together with strong partners in the automotive industry, we accelerate the development of production-ready or platform-independent, retrofittable drive-by-wire applications.

User-friendly and universally applicable

The NX NextMotion drive-by-wire technology enables control commands to be entered via remote control, remote, joystick or steering wheel. This versatility in the input options increases the user-friendliness and adaptability of the system. Throttle, brake, steering and secondary functions are precisely controlled via the central control unit. Thanks to its platform and manufacturer independence, this solution offers a flexible and universal application

Precise driving dynamics and new interior design

Our technology enables new freedom in vehicle design and enhances driving dynamics control through precise, automated driving and steering interventions. Arnold NextG represents advanced mobility solutions that make driving safer, more comfortable, and more efficient. Discover more about our visionary technologies and how we are shaping the future of mobility.

Mathias Koch
Vice President Business and Corporate Development